Creative Composting Workshop Review

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Behind the scenes, Photography, Reviews
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One of my many goals this year is to improve my composting skills and luckily for me I came across Glyn’s site at the beginning of the year and signed up and attended the Character Portrait Workshop in January. This was such a great workshop when Glyn mentioned he was combining both shooting and Photoshop techniques from both his Character Portraits Workshop and Compositing Workshop into a new Creative Composting Workshop I signed up again straight away.
For this Workshop we had two models, Stuart the businessman and Dave Clayton (UK NAPP Evangelist) the boxer. We were giving plenty of time to photograph both models before we moved onto the Photoshop part of the Workshop.
During the Workshop Glyn covered how to set up the lights to optimise cut outs, why a gray background, camera settings, image workflow (double RAW), basic image retouching (eyes, skin etc), how to do cutouts, adding a new background and changing its colour, adding a spotlight and lots of other useful stuff to final the image.
Here’s a couple of my examples from both Workshops I have attended.
Please note the bottom two images were created after the Workshop using my own background and textures.
Here’s the link to Glyn’s blog and Workshop page. Workshops
If you want to learn composting skills I would highly recommend attending one of Glyn’s courses.
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