2012 – Year in Review

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Reviews
It’s that time of year to sit back and reflect on 2012 and to look forward to the new year ahead and set some goals.
2012 has been a good year as I finally found some direction in my photography. We closed down our family portrait business as it wasn’t really me. I did enjoy the newborn sessions, but otherwise it was just a distraction from what I really wanted to do which was to create images for the book industry.
Stock Review
During 2012 I had around 400 new images approved on:-  Arcangel (180),  Alamy (125), Micro (70) and StockFood (20). Sales from Arcangel were disappointing compared to 2011 especially as I increased by portfolio by 40%. Alamy and StockFood were steady and sales from all my Micro sites were similar to 2011 which was good as I haven’t spent much time increasing my portfolio with these sites.
As per normal I’ve spent too much money on kit. The biggies were 2 strip softboxes, Adobe Creative Cloud membership, Ipad and a Canon M. The Ipad is fantastic and gets used every day, don’t know if I could live without it. I am still not sure about the Canon M. I love the weight and size, but the slow AF is killing me especially as I’ve started to do a bit of street photography. Also I attended a couple of workshops and training sessions with Miss Aniela and Glyn Dewis.
Future Plans
For 2013 it’s simple. Continue to increase my portfolio on Arcangel and StockFood, try my hand at creating videos for Arcangel, continue to improve my composting skills hopefully by attending another Glyn Dewis training session. Also if time permits I want to start learning the basics of 3D, mayby starting with 3D in Photoshop.
I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

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