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Here’s a couple more images from my living doll session with Emily. Lot’s of photoshop work and overall I am very happy with the results.


This is my first try at a manga style portrait. Lots of retouching done to make the eyes bigger, nose and lips smaller and smoothing the skin. Overall I am very pleased with the finished image.

You can find a before and after on my Fanpage.

This is my first attempt at creating a post-apocalyptic photo manipulation. I am not completely happy with it as I was finding it difficult to colour match all the different images used to create the composite, so it’s a lot darker than I planned so I can hide some of the issues I was having. The other issue I have is that I don’t have enough images of buildings and urban environment s to build my composites, so I need to plan a visit to Bristol, Bath and maybe London.

These are from a recent Cosplay session with the fabulous Cherry J. I may have 2 more sets to post from the session, but I am finding it very difficult to catch up with my backlog of images to process. Must try harder.

Last weekend I attended Miss Anlela: Shoot Experience at Master Shipwright’s which was a fantastic experience. Images and write up from the day coming soon.

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