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Posted: April 20, 2013 in Cosplay, Steampunk
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A couple of weeks ago I worked with my photography buddy Tim at Hengrove studios. The plan was to photograph a group of friends who are all into Cosplay. We were expecting 10-12 people, but only 4 showed. As we had a lot more time with each person we decided to move out of the studio and shoot some location stuff.

I love the steampunk style so these images are my favourites from the session.



There are more images to come from this session, so expect another 2-3 posts and maybe a some processing details.

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This image was inspired by Stephen King Dark Tower novels which I am currently on book 5.

Copied and duplicated the church spires
1 texture set to overlay
Topaz Lens Effects – Memories
Topaz Adjudt 5 – Portrait Drama

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This is the last set of images from my recent session with Will. They are all composites. In the next couple of weeks I’ll post a couple of before and after images.


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A bit of off-camera flash action here. This time all in manual using Calumet wireless triggers, 580ex, F11@1/200, iso 200.
Textures added to the sky and grass and finished with a Bi-colour filter by Color Efex Pro 4.

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