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The camera arrived about 2 weeks ago and I recently took it to London for the day to give it a run out. All images are jpegs straight from the camera. They are not great images as I am not a street photographer plus the light was very flat. Will shoot RAW on my next portrait session.

The first thing you notice is the size. Very small and minimalistic with a small grip. For me this isn’t a problem as I have small hands and I wanted a small camera especially when out with the family.

The touch screen is nice and I can navigate around it at speed, so I am not missing all the buttons and dials. However what I don’t like is the settings can be easily changed whilst the camera bounces of my hip. I even managed to enable the touch shutter mode and took some pictures! Would be nice to have button to disable or lock the screen. Need to read the manual .

Now onto the focusing. Yes it’s slow but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. For street photography it’s way too slow, but for my normal portrait work it’s fine.

Image quality is what you expect from a Canon camera with the same sensor and processer as the EOS D650.

Overall I am loving the size and weight and so is my back. A lens roadmap from Canon would be nice and a firmware to speed up the focusing.