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Plans for 2014

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
Apologies as I am still not very good at updating this blog for many reasons.
A couple of big changes for 2014 as I am planning to reduce the number of shoots I do so I can work on improving the quality of images I produce and submit to Archange as I am still in the Micro stock mode of producing lots of images.
My interest in architecture has come back, so I am spending some time learning Blender (3D software) so I can create my own buildings and hopefully use them in my composite work. This is a very long term project and if I manage to create one render which I can use in a composite this year then I will be very happy.
The last big change for 2014 will be a camera refresh as my 5dmkii is getting old. Will post more details soon.
These images were taken last year of my favorite prop.